Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT

The Hartford Community

Known as the "insurance capital of the world," Hartford is home to many insurance company headquarters which is the major industry for the area.  Currently, Hartford, Connecticut's capital, is the 4th largest city in the state with a population of over 124,000. Hartford was at one time the wealthiest city in the nation for many decades after the American Civil War. Once a major manufacturing center, the city was home to companies like Cold, Richard Gatling and John Browning Firearms, Weed Sewing Machines, Royal and Underwood Typewriters, Columbia Bicycles and Pope Automobiles. Although today the major industry is insurance, there are many small businesses that contribute to the economy. 

New Britain Roofing Co, Inc.

Among those businesses, is New Britain Roofing Co, Inc, a commercial roofing company dedicated to providing top quality roofing services to local businesses in Hartford, Your roof is vital to the integrity of your building's structure. It is imperative that routine maintenance and repairs are performed to ensure that your building is safe. Keeping your roof in good shape can prevent water damage and mold issues that can be very costly. For more information about our commercial roof installation and repairs, fill out the form below or give us a call today. 
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