New Britain Roofing Company Inc.
Who We Are
New Britain Roofing Company has provided a valuable service to building owners, architects and property managers since 1978.  Our success in the roofing business can be attributed to the vision established at the very beginning.  We know what it takes to prevail in a profession where so many others have failed.

Our sucess is not just measured with dollars and cents,
but most importantly with how our customer perceives us after the job is completed.  We know how critical schedules, building contents and housekeeping are to our customers and strive to meet all of their needs and requirements.  Our number one goal is to remove the apprehension and anxiety that most customers will encounter as a roofing project is planned and implemented.
Roof Systems We Apply
Financial Strength
Experience and capabilities
We go beyond the successful application of your roof system by providing you with the confidence of knowing you have selected a contractor that has experience with your particular need and will preform beyond what you might expect.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our qualifications with you further and we are eager to demonstrate how we can be an important resource for your organization.
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